About RVS

Rathinavel Subramaniam Educational Trust (RVSET) was established in 1983 as a public charitable Trust, in fond memory of Master Rathnavel Subramaniam the elder son of the chairman Lion. Vijayashree Dr. K. V. Kupusamy and Smt. K. Padmavathy, with objectives to create facilities for education, health care and upliftment of the poor and the downtrodden especially of rural regions.   Read More>>
Corporate Education

RVS with its access to pool of Industry Experts & professors from various universities in India & abroad , endeavors to offer corporate education to the various industry verticals. Corporate can get into a partnership with RVS to provide training solutions that will bring real business results.

Knowledge Partnership framework

Company Paid programs for Student Development

1. Customized Courses:
Courses customized based on specific requirements
Minimum participants - 20 Maximum - 30
Contact sessions - 40 hours
1 course can be offered every 2 months
Venue for training can be at RVS
2. Special Program for Management Graduates:
Training needs analysis done using the A(ttitude)S(kills)K(nowledge) framework
Minimum participants – 40 Maximum – 60
Duration – 8 to 12 months
Contact sessions – 300 hours
One Batch per year

3. Webinars (2 Hrs)
Topics may be decided after discussion
RVS can provide Video Conferencing facilities for webcasting

Company Endorsed Programs – Participant Paid

MBA from Foregin Universities
Regular program offered, PG Certification of Management offered by RVS
Leading to MBA awarded by Coventry University UK
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Earn while you Learn Program

RVS Educational Trust provides scholarships and financial aid to a significant number of its students. Recently, we have also implemented an "Earn While You Learn" program which lays the foundation of a work-study relationship.

First of all, RVS undertook this initiative and introduced it on a personal level with the students, promoting a humble sense of responsibility and inquisitiveness within the participants. The students attending this program will benefit not only monetarily but also will be learning & updating their knowledge and practical skills.

Under this program, RVS plans to recruit and train students in laboratories, library management, office administration and similar ventures. Currently, a group of students from the second-semester work at the college-library as Data Entry Operators, Analysts in laboratories. As a part of this program, the students help to maintain the library's software database and work with the library staff in meticulous-running of the library"s.

Our research laboratories have been exclusively desgined to work with undergraduate and post-graduate students and also involve student volunteers for assistance in the setup, day-to-day maintenance and smooth running of our specialized modern labs.

Comprehensively, this program aims to provide an attitude of humble workmanship, learning through hands-on training, understanding the dignity of labour and further transforming their lives through Value Based Education. This will inculcate in them a sense of "ownership and pride in their work" and simultaneously teaching-work ethics.
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