About RVS

Rathinavel Subramaniam Educational Trust (RVSET) was established in 1983 as a public charitable Trust, in fond memory of Master Rathnavel Subramaniam the elder son of the chairman Lion. Vijayashree Dr. K. V. Kupusamy and Smt. K. Padmavathy, with objectives to create facilities for education, health care and upliftment of the poor and the downtrodden especially of rural regions.   Read More>>
Smart Class Rooms

Smart Classrooms are equipped with the state-of-art computer, interactive panel, large screen or interactive whiteboard (also called smartboard), and audiovisual equipment. It provides the tools for faculty to incorporate a wide range of media in instruction, save the annotation of the course content presentation, and to enrich student learning experience.

  Equipment List:
  Interactive display panel and pen.
  Projection screen (for larger rooms) or interactive whiteboard (for smaller rooms).
  CD and DVD player.
  Document camera.
  Interface to hook up a laptop that faculty brings.
  USB ports.
   LCD ceiling mounted projector.

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